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How to Care for Linen Fabric

How to Care for Linen Fabric

A Talk about Linen

Written by Regina Virza

“Linen is not only a comfortable, durable, long-lasting material, it’s a movement.”

What makes linen the perfect material for clothing? EVERYTHING.

Linen’s porous texture lets the wind breathe in and out easliy, making it a perfect material for hot weather. Yet it stimulates innate heat due to the fabric’s nature.

Linen is not only a comfortable, durable, long-lasting material, it’s a movement. One of its extraordinaires is that it’s made of flaxseed, which makes it biodegradable. The fabric promises to keep the earth clean and sustainable.

Of course, if you commit to taking care of the fabrics accordingly.

So’ how to care for linen?


1. Prefer cold water to wash linen
Linen is a strong material by nature, so it’s not that hard to care for linen. But, overtime linen could shrink. To prevent it from happening, one should wash the garments with cold or lukewarm water.

2. Hand-wash the cloth

Linen is composed through woven technique. Washing it on the washing machine could break the fabric’s surface and shorten the longevity of the materials. So it’s better to hand-wash the fabric.

3. Let the fabric absorb the water
The linen needs to be soaked to let the woven thread loose and tighten itself while it dries. So, take a little more time for it to soak and absorb the water.
4.Let it dry. But, not too much
If you’re new to linen, welcome to wrinkles. The linen is absorbent and dries fast. So try not to let it dry in the sun too much, because linen might get stiff, wrinkly, and hard to iron. Unless, if you’re into the casual “I don’t have time for this, and I still look cool with wrinkles.”

That’s about it, easy, right?

Ps: Do you know that linen is anti-bacterial? Because we do!

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