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Why Linen?

The characteristic and Benefits

Sustainable by Nature

Linen is a fabric made from durable fibres of flax plants. One of the strongest fibres in existence, flax naturally resists bacteria and is very hardwearing.

Linen is biodegradable and has been used for thousands of years. The Ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians were the first to develop linen. As a plant, flax doesn’t need much water to grow and can thrive even in poor soil.

Every part can be used, resulting in little waste.

Benefits of linen

The durability of linen fibers allow materials to easily withstand a large number of washings, without losing its properties ( 30% stronger than cotton ).
Let your skin breathe!
Natural linen does not cause allergies and is perfcet for sensitive skin.
Linen is Hygroscopic (Moisture-wicking properties)
Linen absorb moisture and dries quickly.
Linen fiber prevents inflammantory processes and fungal diseases. In medicine, flax was used to cover and heal wounds.
Thermal Conductivity

Linen is capable of reducing the heat not only in wet but also in dry environments to prevent overheating. On warmer evenings, linen will keep the air around your body several degrees cooler. On colder nights, it keeps you warm like a woll blanket.

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