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Is New Year Resolution Still a Thing?​

Welcoming 2023:

Is New Year Resolution Still a Thing?

Written by Regina Virza



New Year New…?


Expectations, plans, hope, and many more things to fill our lives with, combine it all, and it becomes… a resolution. 

 Some people enjoy their fortune-telling adventure being pre-written on paper (yup, people still do that), and some people take the shortcut and create “manifesting” content on TikTok (?)

 Just before new years eve, a friend of mine posted an Instagram story where she showed her new fond habit, journaling.

She celebrates her big wins, small wins, struggles, and pains. Other times it might be scribbles of her ideas. Basically, the whole idea of creating this journal, is to pour her new year’s resolution and enjoy the process of achieving it. 

 She color-coded the entries, purples are her goals, green are her hopes and dreams (manifestation of her future), and she even fills it with her ‘what if’ scenarios.

But, what fascinates me most is not just the journaling or the resolutions, but her take-outs when she collects these micro-moments. 


The way she describes and rewrites her experience and thoughts, re-learning how to best expose her feelings, and how it shifts her attitude, and unapologetically admitted that some things are just not in her control, yet still finds hope to shape the future, and grateful of the things that she had achieved.


She begins her resolution with something so basic and easy like “I want to smile more”, and then “I want to sell more cookies” and on and on to “I want to win a competition” and “I want to travel more”.

By the end of 2022, she has achieved most of her resolution.


These small wins let her radiate positive energy, and with that, each achievement attracts more opportunities. She doesn’t write an impossible task, it was small and achievable wins that helped her navigate through 2022, or in her own words “Stay sane in this chaotic world”.




Creating a new year resolution isn’t necessarily mean we can forecast the future, but being present in this moment is a tremendous blessing that we have to be grateful for. 


So write down all the things you wished to achieve this year, and see how far you’ve grown by the end of the year.


And here’s a tip for your 2023 resolution:


Big things start from small wins.

So let’s stay sane, get those small wins, and Happy New Year!

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